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Upcoming Online Course

Territorial Autonomy as a Tool for Diversity Management: Lessons from the Åland Example (5 ECTS)

The course is an introduction to territorial autonomy in theory and practice, and draws on the so-called “Åland Example”. The aim of the course is to provide participants with a broad academic framework for discussing territorial autonomy from different perspectives, among others against the background of concepts such as self-determination, power-sharing and minority rights. The course is taught by Associate Professor of International Law, JD Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark.

The Åland Example is used as the main case study. We will discuss the demilitarisation and neutralisation, the autonomy regime, as well the cultural and linguistic safeguards pertaining to Åland. A focus will be on the development of the regime over time, including more recent shifts in the regime. The course will also discuss the relevance of territorial autonomy as a possible tool for conflict resolution. Students shall be encouraged to critically reflect upon the relevance of autonomy as a potential solution to ethno-political conflicts.

The course will be taught online on a digital e-learning platform through a rich selection of resources including course literature, audio and video material, and a discussion forum.


Call for Papers

The editors welcome submissions of manuscripts that focus on, or relate to, the topics and intersections of security, autonomy arrangements, and minority issues. Apart from reviewed articles JASS also welcomes other kinds of contributions, such as essays, book reviews, conference papers and research related project notes.

Articles should not exceed 12 000 words (excluding references) and be written in British or American English. For other contributions, such as book reviews, conference reports, project- and research notes, the maximum length is 4 000 words. The layout of the text should be in single-column format and kept as simple as possible.

Manuscripts to be considered for Issue II/2018 are invited for review by 1st of September 2018. The core theme for this Issue shall be demilitarisation, neutralisation and contemporary peace and security trends. The deadline for Issue I/2019 is 15th of January 2019.

Further details on the submission process can be found at:

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