• Kjell-Åke Nordquist


Migration is a phenomenon as old as humanity. Conflicts, armed and non-armed, are similarly as old as humanity”. Both phenomena express the commitment of individuals and groups to change life – by necessity or ideology, and sometimes both. Most often at great cost for everyone involved.
In this issue of JASS we will have the opportunity to reflect on these two cardinal aspects of social life as they appear in the modern world and in today’s political structures – with the European Union as a case in point.
Migration and wars are among the most profound upheavals of social order that humankind has to address – migration as a long-term, steady movement of individuals, and wars as a comparatively short-term and organized imposition of political and social structures. What security is, under such circumstances, is in itself a complex matter; unfortunately worsened under a year of a global pandemic.
JASS introduces in this Issue the concept of authors that are ”early career researchers”. It reflects an ambition of JASS editors to invite and introduce research-oriented advanced students, for example PhD level students, to the handicraft of article writing and early sharing of research findings – a skill that is of use throughout any academic career, and to the benefit of all the readers of JASS.



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