Special issue 2023 on Territorial Autonomy: Call for Submissions


Call for submissions: "Territorial autonomies in an era of great power competition: battlegrounds or actors?"

The transformations of international relations in recent years have put territories with autonomous status back in the forefront of global politics. The best-known cases of today are those that concern great powers and their respective rivalries. For example, the controversies over China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Province have put pressure on many countries to revise their relations with Beijing, the Russian annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is in the background of today's full-scale war by Russia against Ukraine and even Donald Trump’s proposal to buy Greenland from Denmark was a tense moment in the relationship between the European Union and the United States. The new era of tensions and strategic competition between China, Russia and the United States has demanded states all throughout the world to recalibrate their assumptions. Is the situation similar for territorial autonomies?

Territorial autonomies have a scope for decision-making in international relations, one that has been analysed in frameworks such as paradiplomacy, federal relations and continental integration. However, the attempts to understand the role and place of territorial autonomies in great power rivalries have been sparse, with many fundamental questions left unanswered. Are territorial autonomies only an object of great power competition? Or do they have ways to assert their preferences and navigate these international rivalries? Are territorial autonomies subject to similar pressures to cope with great power rivalry as the states they are constituents of? Or does their autonomous status offer them room to trace their own approaches?

This issue of JASS calls for scholars to contribute with original full-length research articles that investigate the place of territorial autonomies in great power competition. We are particularly interested in manuscripts that conceptualise and theorise the agency of territorial autonomies in the context of great power rivalry, ‘Exit from Hegemony’ (Cooley & Nexon, 2020) and other recent analyses of international politics. We are also interested in theoretically-informed and empirically-rich descriptions of how territorial autonomies cope with great power rivalries. The ultimate goal of this special issue is to evince the importance of territories with autonomous status in the ‘big’, structuring state rivalries of today.

The first Åland Peace Fellow, Ivan Ulises Kentros Klyszcz, will be the guest editor of this special issue. Deadline for submissions to this issue is February 1st, 2023.

JASS welcomes both articles and research notes and does not charge APCs or submission charges. It is an Open access journal and applies a Creative Commons license. Articles should preferably not include more than 12 000 words (excluding references).