Call for Submissions: Special Issue on Federalism Autumn 2022


The Journal of Autonomy and Security is opening for a thematic issue to be published in autumn 2022 on the overarching theme of Federalism.

While no door is closed for an article or research note on the topic of federalism in this special issue, there is a special value in articles that draw the attention to dynamics that reflect changes of the global order impacting on the concept and practice of federalism.

Examples of such changes are:

  • the increased para-diplomatic activity of federal units which means transgressing previously sacrosanct state borders,
  • the complex nature of state identities which challenge the federal idea by the sheer multitude of levels of appropriate application, or
  • as a more theoretical example – challenges to, or methods for dealing with, problems of a uniform implementation of (the same) principles on different levels of administration, for instance regarding Human Rights or general administrative principles.

JASS welcomes both articles and research notes and does not charge APCs or submission charges. It is an Open access journal and applies a Creative Commons license. Articles should preferably not include more than 12 000 words (excluding references). Deadline for submissions to this Issue is May 1st, 2022.